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Mirror is the ideal option to bring light and space into any design, whilst also providing its primary function a reflective surface.

Guardian Mirror is produced using state of the art mirror technology. Produced using the highest quality of clear float glass, silver is wet coated to the back of the glass before a protective coating seals and protects the silver. Mirror is ideal for many applications including decoration and introducing additional light and space to any design.



UltraMirror is perfect for any interior space—decorative walls,

wardrobe doors, display cases, and more. Rooms sparkle when

Guardian UltraMirror reflects artwork, sculpture, and unique

interior architecture.

UltraMirror can be enhanced with DiamondGuard to deliver

unparalleled durability in transport, fabrication, installation, and

thereafter —protecting its performance for years to come. It is

also available in a copper-free option, which can help your projects

achieve LEED certification and “green building” designation.

Whether in bathroom mirrors or furniture applications, only

UltraMirror will deliver beautiful reflectance and uncompromising

durability backed by the industry’s best warranty.


UltraMirror is a high-quality mirror that applies a high-luster mirror to the surface of

Guardian’s top-quality float glass, resulting in a product that is both brilliant and durable.


UltraMirror is available in a copper-free option. It is also available on tinted float glass.

The product can be laminated or applied to DiamondGuard or SatinDeco glass.

Regardless of the option, thicknesses are available up to 12mm.


UltraMirror can be cut, drilled, laminated,

or beveled, or receive other decorative

edge treatment.

High Performance Mirror

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