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Nam Heng ( NHG ) Heat-Strengthened Glass

Nam Heng ( NHG ) Heat-strengthened glass is less prone to spontaneous breakage than tempered glass. And it’s the product of choice, with the exception of instances where tempered glass or laminated glass is required by law, wind load, local or national building codes.


  • Approximately twice the mechanical and thermal strength of annealed glass of equal thickness..

  • Greater resistance to thermal loads than annealed glass.

  • Heat-strengthened glass is not a safety glass product.


  • Suitable for use in spandrel and/or vision areas where added resistance to wind load and thermal stress is required.

  • Laminated solariums

  • High wind load areas

  • Laminated skylights


  • Clear, Ultra-Clear and various tinted glass.

  • Standard thickness ranging from 3 mm (1/8”) to 12 mm (1/2”); maximum width 2.4 m (96”), and Maximum lengths up to 3.7 m (144”).

  • Other glass thicknesses may be available on request

Product applications
  • Windows

  • Curtain Walls

  • Shop Fronts

  • Balustrades

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