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Nam Heng ( NHG ) Heat Soaked Test

Nam Heng ( NHG ) Tempered glass may break without warning due to the expansion of nickel sulfide inclusions ( NiS ) present within float glass. When glass is heat treated, these nickel sulphide inclusions undergo a phase change as a function of time and temperature. If located near the central tension core of the glass, the expansion of these inclusions may provide sufficient stresses to produce spontaneous breakage. The inclusion expands at a rate greater than the glass and literally causes the glass to break from within. When tempered glass is heat soak tested, the glass is placed in an oven and subjected to temperatures of 550°F±50°F(290°C±10°C).


  • Computerized control system, guaranteed quality.

  • Reduces risks of spontaneous breakage of tempered glass.

  • Increases strength and safety


Nam Heng ( NHG ) Tempered glass is 3 – 5 times stronger than annealed glass and is very safe. However, after installation,
tempered glass may shatter spontaneously for no apparent reason, sometimes even after being used for
many years. These rare incidences of breakage cause damage to cars and people. To reduce the frequency
of such instances, tempered glass should specify the heat soak test during design.


All tempered glass should undergo heat soak test

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