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Nam Heng ( NHG ) Ceramic Painted Glass

Silk-screened ceramic frit glass for architecture and commercial use.

The process involves screen printing ceramic frit paint onto the glass and fusing it onto the surface during the toughening or heat strengthening process. The result is a tough decorative glass.

  • Full Ceramic frit is a roller coated glass with a solid colour.

  • Design Ceramic frit is screen printed glass with a pattern or design.

This decorative process allows the designer flexibility in selecting cladding materials where colour and pattern design are important for visual impact. It also offers creative solutions for controlling solar heat
gain and glare and providing privacy.

Nam Heng ( NHG ) Ceramic Coated Glass is produced by applying ceramic paint on the glass surface and by melting the colorant into glass surface in a tempering furnace. A wide range of designs and colors are available to suit customers need. It can be used Heat Treated Glass, laminated or double glazed.


  • Scratch Resistant

After heat treated process by tempering furnace, the coating is fused to the glass and cannot be scratched off.

  • Fade Resistant

The color of the coating is highly durable and will not fade even in harsh climates.

  • Energy Saving

Ceramic coated glass can reduce air conditioning cost by insulating solar heat.

  • Reduce Solar Transmission

Ceramic coated glass can also be designed to reduce solar transmission.

  • Wide Range Of Colours & Patterns

A wide range of standard colors & patterns are available. Custom color is available upon special request.

  • Light Weighted Building Materials

Ceramic coated glass serves as substitute for stone, tile, metal plate and reduce

structural load on the external wall and glazing is also easy.


Application :

  • Facade

  • Auto Glass

  • Graphics glass for Interior Partition

  • Stepping Glass

  • Furniture or art glass

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